Guitar have, in childhood, the best time available for  how to play guitar fast hear or make a uncompromising reading, moved only by curiosity, by pleasure, by the discovery.

Music is the most important

To the formation of good readers, is fundamental that guitar with up to 3 years old appreciate and value the listening and reading stories from small.

  1.  The child creates the habit of listen stories, valuing the book as source of knowledge and entertainment.
  2. The listening stories in school gives opportunity pleasant moments in group, enriches the imaginary, extends the vocabulary, beyond to familiarize the child with reading, a practical valued by society.


Today the dimension of guitars literature is much broader and important. She provides the child an emotional, social and cognitive indisputable development. Second Abramovich (1997) when guitar hear stories, pass to visualize more clearly, feelings that have in relation to the world. The stories work typical existential problems of childhood, as fears, feelings of envy and of affection, curiosity, pain, loss, in addition to teaching infinite affairs.

It is through a story it possible to tell other places, other times, other ways to act and of being, other rules, another ethics, another optical … Is staying knowing history, philosophy, law, politics, sociology, anthropology, etc. Without needing to know the name addition everything and much less find that has guy lesson (ABRAMOVICH, 1997, p.17).

Guitar Classes

Thus, read is to produce sense, is be contextualized in the text, interpreting it and assigning it some meaning. So if-makes important to set up situations for that the exercise of reading and writing produce reactions, interaction, and construction of subjectivity and knowledge, not serving only as a merely of copy activity or of decoding of graphic signs, alienating the students of context in are inserted. They ash you if you know how to play guitar and you have no answer.

In this direction, the School, as a socializing space of knowledge, gets the primordial task of ensuring to their students learning to read and should do circular in their midst a diversity of materials, with rich and varied contents, that promote the formation of readers free. Conceives-if so, the practice of reading, not as linguistic skills but as a process of discovery and award of senses that come enable the interaction reader-world. As FREIRE (1996):

“The act of reading not runs out in pure decoding of the written word. The reading of the world precedes the word of reading”.

Parents and teachers of Infantil Education and of the initial series are the responsible for creating the of guitar ties with reading. Childhood is the time of greater availability to influences. Guitar like to “imitate” acts of reading, and family and teachers are great models of competent readers. Thereby, our role is to offer, from early, contact with the masterpieces, with reading or “storytelling” of good quality. With this it is possible that the child has a training and a more complete development, more interesting. Therefore, it must up stimulate and propitiate within reach of  guitar the guitar’s books, of Fairy Tales, poetries, the myths, folklore, fables, theater, allowing you penetrate on your magical universe of dreams. It is the path not just of its discovery, but also a of the most complete means of enrichment and development of his personality.

Thus, to the teacher incumbent not stay attached to the enclosed space of the classroom, but yes face the reading work with seriousness, arming up of theoretical basis on the science of reading, which will give you aid in directing of your practice, because seconds BRAGA (1985): “teach Only well what we know and we believe”.

The teacher should be able to choose books according to the reader’s interests, make available various types of reading, know the interest and the level of development and child’s social context with which works; citing BRAGA: “The lack of adequacy between the work and the student’s interest, may end the the small reader motivation” (BRAGA, 1985, p 7.). In this sense, I consider important the work with the design methodology, since work with projects is a teaching methodology that engages students in of attractive problems investigations, that generate original results. According to Dewey “The Pedagogy of the Projects aims to re-signification the school space, turning into a Living Space of open interactions to real and its multiple dimensions. The work with projects brings a new perspective to understand the process teaching / learning. Learn ceases to be a simple act of memorization and teach not means more pass on ready contents “.

Therefore, this work methodology by teaching projects is framed in the movement of Brazilian new school and in the most advanced perspectives of innovation and

pedagogical experimentation. Points to a new role of the teacher: the teacher as co-creator to know and of culture with its learners. So, this work methodology takes the teacher as citizen, motor of their own development, able to manage a suitable curriculum to group of guitar which is responsible and integrator of the issues and of the broader world problems.

Focusing our discussion in the pedagogical scope, we find in the educational field a pedagogy of traced projects, at decisive moments, namely:

– The definition of the problem

– The planning of work

– The collection, the organization and recording information

– The evaluation and communication.

There is always a moment of initial decision and of final evaluation, but the way the moments are articulated, subdivided and organized is at the discretion the group of students and educators, well as the type of educational situation. Not always the projects will have the same structure, which had depended the type of problem what is being proposed, of previous experiences the group and the concrete possibilities from school , they ask how to play guitar fast?

This vision of organization of the pedagogical work considers guitar as co-originator of the their learning process (newcastle course), taking-the of the place of passivity that the school the have placed to an active and participatory role. In this sense, every project is a creative process for students and teachers, enabling the establishment of rich relations between teaching and learning, that certainly not goes through activities overlays.

Music for begginers

Being so, a contributing factor positively in relation to reading is the influence of teacher. In this perspective, it is up to teacher play an important role: that of teach the child to read and to enjoy reading. Teachers who offer small daily doses of enjoyable read, without forcing, but with naturalness, will develop how to play guitar fast in the instrument a habit that may accompany her throughout life. Anyway, guitar’s literature is a broad field studies that requires of knowledge teacher to know suit the books to guitar, generating a propitious moment of pleasure and stimulation for reading.