Anyone wanting a distinctive guitarist must have met or at least heard of Juninho Afram. This guitarist acts in the gospel and is a national reference in the guitar in Brazil.

Many say he was a student of Kiko Loureiro, another great guitarist who is currently in the band Mega Death. There are even a video on youtube that makes a comparison between Juninho Afram vs Kiko Loureiro. This battle is pretty cool for those who enjoy a well-played guitar.

Brazilian guitarists have been very prominent on the international music scene. It is not today that Kiko Loureiro makes workshops in Japan, the United States, among other places, showing all his virtuosity and technique.

On the other hand, Juninho Afram usually travel with his band (Oficina G3). Juninho studied classical singing at the Free University of Music, for seven and a half years, also studying guitar with great musicians like Mozart Mello at the Institute of Guitar and Technology. Currently, Juninho is one of the endorsers of Tagima guitars brand, being the only guitarist of the brand to have two exclusive models of signature. Also for Tagima it launched a line of electric guitars with Afram signature.

Despite being left-handed (few know this), Kiko Loureiro plays his deft type of stringed instruments since started doing guitar lessons for right-handed. In April 2015, Dave Mustaine confirmed Kiko entry as guitarist in Megadeth, band which he will participate in the next American metal disc recordings.
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