Music is all what we need in online guitar lessons.

What are the principles that guided your teaching practice.  Assist students in their cognitive development process of play guitar , organizing educational activities that are challenging for them.

Reading is one of the most important skills to be worked with the student. Not so good readers if they have an intimate contact with the texts. The partnership of the word to the literature of the image makes it possible to awareness of being poetic and musica  in childhood. Thus, beginning readers usually skim through guitar books, magazines, trying to read images and create plots according to their playful moment criadora.Nesse capacity of the act of reading, we must always a warm, affectionate, engaging in an availability of emotions  in guitar.

Based on this assumption, develop a teaching guitar project in kindergarten that encourages literary reading habit is essential, in order to encourage the formation of readers, from enchantment situations that favor the guitar take possession of history and experience the magic of reading guitar.

Learn Music, learn guitar

Understand that learning processes develop guitar in each child in a rhythm and different time to play guitar.

To value the different ways of being / living in the world of guitar, preferring educational activities that represent the multiple childhood and sociocultural context of possibilities.

Avoid the ready answers and ways of thinking already designed by encouraging autonomous thinking, critical and creative students.

Preserve and stimulate the desire to know  guitar and to know that the students arrive at school

Conceiving the student as a center of activity, not an empty vessel to be filled with content.

Constantly evaluate teaching practices, identifying the advantages, disadvantages, the results, the reaction of certain group to a proposal.

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 Goals of Lessons

 Provide safe and welcome in schools, using the space to expand personal relationships, establishing links with children and / or adults, aiming to build a positive image about themselves and about each other.

Organize educational activities with guitar that encourage research, analysis and debate for the student to build a good relationship with knowledge.

Promote group activity, from which, each participant will have the opportunity to behave according to their level of mental structure, establishing relationships with other group members in online guitar lessons.

 Online way

Make a guided planning the observation of guitar needs and possibilities of the students.

Recognize the importance of children’s literature and encourage the formation of the reading habit at the age where all habits are formed, ie in childhood, through project work methodology is what this work proposes. Working with literature at school to promote learning that suits the constitution of subjects that just do not belong to a society, but the questions and changes.

Thus, the project pedagogy is an interesting possibility in terms of pedagogical organization because the guitar is very nice, among other things, includes a multifaceted vision of knowledge and information.

Ensuring contact with music and the guitar works and presenting various genres to small guitar is the main function of nursery teachers and pre-school to develop readers behaviors and a taste for literature from an early age, from infancy: handling works, encantar- with the illustrations and start discovering the world of letters. It is in childhood  musical education rooms that the teacher should present the various genres to the class. At this stage, the important thing is to let yourself be carried away by the stories with no concern for “teaching literature”. Read for small and comment on the work with them is crucial to start developing the so-called readers behavior. Reading is aesthetic expression of life through the written word and contributes significantly to the formation of the person, influencing the ways of looking at life. The child is imaginative, exercise reality through fantasy, but needs exterior materials – all forms of writing – tales, stories, fables, poems, songs, to be as a person. In this sense, the literature is a child

path that leads the child to develop imagination, emotions and feelings of pleasurable and meaningful way to learn in guitar

According to Abramovich (1997) when guitar hear stories, they come to see more clearly, feelings they have about the world. The stories work typical existential problems of childhood, like fears, feelings of jealousy and affection, curiosity, pain, loss, and teach endless subjects.

So, through the project, we aim to make guitar think about issues and acquire important habits such as literary reading, reflecting on the present. Therefore, they are designed for guitar to learn to study, to investigate, to seek information, to exercise critical, arguing the opinion. In this sense, the project work is a teaching methodology that involves students in investigations of attractive issues that generate original results. According a music teacher, HORN

“The projects are one of many ways of organizing educational practice. They indicate an intentional action, planned collectively, that has high educational value, with a concrete and conscious strategy aimed at obtaining specific target. “

2. Lessons  objective:

The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the importance of literary reading in kindergarten through a teaching methodology with educational projects. Promoting the development of linguistic skills, fostering the love of reading and writing them.


Establish school conditions for effective practice of reading within the school. Develop the student’s familiarity with the language and writing through all kinds of text with different readings. Providing a taste for reading and also get them to realize the importance of personal and social life, turning it into a habit able to satisfy this taste and this need. When working with  instrument educational projects that emphasize literature at school, we are promoting the emancipation of knowledge, breaking the idea that gave rise to work with guitar , interpretation with questions and answers, which was much used by the educator as a way of evaluating the performance student on reading. Debates, criticism and comparative reading newspapers, skits, visits the library, talk to the author of the book, are activities to work on the book room, developing in students the ability to think and grow. So the challenge is in need of search and implementation of mechanisms that facilitate the attraction of reading at an early age, the stage of childhood, the child is discovering your world is awakening to the reality and trying to participate in this reality their new costumes and discoveries of the guitar lessons.